Written by: Kajal sharma

                                         I am so alone in this busy world.
                             lots of people are around, but know one is known.

                                   In search of light in this darker zone.....
                              Thinking about the others who are also alone.
                               loosing my innocence in this crowded zone.
                             living life to see somone who is mine alone.

                                        what should I write more...
                        Thinking of that make me think more and more.
                                    so alone so alone so alone.
                                      scared of dreaming,
                                        because when they shatter...
                                  its hard to bare the pain alone
                                  Its hard for any one to be alone
                    Every one want sum one who is there only there alone.

            just to avoide Lonely ness , tried to take a step alone gage and
                               looked for people not to be alone
                                 but loosing interest in everthing .
                                  more want sumone  who is mine ,
                                    which Dosen't Keep me alone.