A Reality So True

Written by: Priscilla Ford

A glimpse into and out of my mind,
look how messed up things really are.
What goes on, how I feel and how I'm going to react,
if I let it go to far.

Suffocating within,
my mind is slowly smothering inside.
I am held captive by own enforcer,
there's nowhere to run and hide.

Escape I can do, how I will never tell,
that will always remain a secret.
Steadily trapped as a prisoner in my own personal h*ll,
my own life I have grown to regret.

What's the final price to be paid,
so I can be released from these horrific chains.
Who's accountable for the h*ll I've been through, the damage is done,
along with the permanent scars that will always remain.

My body has been completely pumped full if poison
and I am traumatized down to the core.
Mentally I've been tortured, twisted and tied into knots,
a new day just adds to it a little bit more.

The images are to intense
and the nightmares are extreme.
My head is ticking, throbbing, it's going to explode,
it's going to bust out at the seams.

I live with this everyday of my life,
I don't foresee a sudden change.
Sadly enough, I've just accepted it for what it is,
that having a "normal" life is out of my range.