free cee give peace a DANCE

Written by: jeffry cohan

                PER CHANCE TO DANCE

Such a simple concept
As per a preconceived precept
And both so delicately adept

As one
Every step a humble bow to the sun
Every beat a reverent blessing for the moon
While ceremoniously synchronized to the tune

Every move calculated by an ovation and an overture of purity embraced
Each of our steps,      by the other,       so flawlessly traced
Two hearts too close and each made thus to race
While made,       by the mysticism of music,     to move with utter grace

Following each others lead
Dedicated to the dance indeed
No errant thoughts to collide with memory’s miscalculation
Just two souls adjudicating adulation
Whilst waltzing with a partner’s poised potential
Synchronization so reverential
With the essence of an essential

The embodiment of perfection as you are urged with urgency to float
Lilted aloft by every preordained note
As I sweep you around quite so sensually such as silk caught in an Autumnal breeze
And you with such embraceable ease………if you please

A pair fastened together by fascination while emulating an immaculate emotion

Such a very special notion
              (c) 2013....copyright PHREEPOETREE ~free cee!~