Ode to my kitchen

Written by: Jeremy Martin

There is a place 
No, rather, a sanctuary 
Where I go to find solace 
Its surfaces welcome me
Handles, jars, spoons and boxes
All lovingly placed, by me 
I know you better than all of them 
Only I know exactly where everything is
And where everything goes
I know your secrets 
And you know mine

Yes, you know quite a few of mine, don't you? 

A temple of endless comfort
Bad dreams and bad days bring me to you 
To indulge when I should not 
And to nourish when I need 
I adore the sweet sounds
Of your bubbling metal pots
The enticing things we create, together
Scents that warm the other jealous rooms
But when I'm here, with you, in your little chair
Staring at the little plant in the window 
The soft light of the lamp on the counter at 3 AM 
The sound of water running into my glass
In this moment, I want for no other room to have me 
And will have none but you