Written by: ilene bauer

Imagine this - you take a cruise.
You’re out at sea, with gorgeous views,
When suddenly all systems fail
And you are stuck – no way to bail.

A fire started this distress
But soon, the ship was quite a mess – 
No air-conditioning or light,
The darkness frightening at night.

For thousands stranded on the ship,
This turned into a nightmare trip.
The lines for food made moods turn sour
But, far worse, was with no power,

Toilets quickly ceased to flush;
Sewage seeped to rooms once plush.
Plastic bags did substitute,
So human waste would not pollute.

Optimism faded quick – 
Passengers were getting sick.
Still, they had to sit and wait;
No one could evacuate.

Finally, the ship was towed.
More than refunds, folks are owed;
Which explains – you’ll understand – 
Why my vacations stay on land!