Welcome Back Part 2

Written by: Roman Chebukin

This shyt bout to be raw, 
im starin down at da door, 
lookin fo dat nigga who come thu it 
and gets laid down on the floor. 

you no im da king, 
look at my hand, check out the ring,
ill put this ring to yo dome,
make you relize you aint home. 

got my city right behind me, they are my motivation, 
im that russian nigga, these ppl is my nation. 
i represent my city, i put her on my back,
i no she look so pretty, rewind this fukin in track. 

nigga ride wit me, ride wit me, you no i got that green, 
id give you a tip but you aint show me no love so ill keep that green on a lean. 
stay the fuk away from me, you im most courageous 
i put this glock to yo face, ill scare you somethin dangerous. 


look into my eyes, search around for that good,
you wont find anything you like,  cuz you no we strait hood. 
my niggas got my back, im rollin thousand deep,
you no you cant fuk with me, cuz the road will be to steep.