Urge To Smile

Written by: Nate Spears

Urge To Smile
By Nate Spears

The morning sun rises
My flesh is set back,
Due to my body needing much needed rest

I'm stuck wondering
Does anyone else
Ever feels the urge to smile?
Right about now, I'm feeling sour

A grin attached to my face
That lights up the sky
Behind my clouds of joy
Lies a lie

Everyone is wondering how?
How can he smile?
When so much is going on
Rapidly by the hour,
People are losing their homes

Some can barely feed their kids
The government is gone
Rather spend our money,
On billion dollar drones

Never the less,
We're blessed
We're here to see another day
Being healthy and relevant
Gives me courage
To soar and see a new day
With unlimited fight, packed under my wings

Another day
Another chance
For tomorrow
Thanks in advance

As long as I'm living,
I can better my condition
So it's mandatory to smile
A privilege to be living.