Soul Mates Destiny

Written by: Nate Spears

Soul Mates Destiny
By Nate Spears

I’m stuck in a glance of your intelligence
I’m caught in the web of your caring touch
I’m trapped in your loving temple
Your body’s a sexy symbol
A reflection of Egyptian Royalty 
You’re a Goddess

You and me: what's to come 
Our promising future
Joined by the spoken hearts
In an essence of time
And a wordless bond
Bringing flaming expectations to life 
For you and I

A world of a distance away
One day,
You’ll be in my arms
Our life has just begun
Captured by addicting love
I’m willing starve
Before I accept lust
Your fulfillment is highly valued
Destiny is in trust

I shall travel no further
Paradise rests in front of my eyes
I’m at peace
I’m at ease
I’m at discovery
You're all a soul has to offer 
A heart that’s widely open

We assembled in democracy
Conservatives of every ounce 
Of exchanging touch
Our love is far from politics
It's soul mates destiny.