Teardrops Longing

Written by: Odin Roark

Teardrops Longing

Know of travel
wandering escapes
torturous journeys
some never realized

they long to start

to caress the muscle holding them back
to twist nerve-ends to fire
implore desperate stirrings
to calm once again
the emotions undefined

they look toward the top

the opening summons
invites deliverance
urges the despairing purge

but parched landscapes
remain without oasis
even as thirst carelessly exhausts
all yearning  


the entreaty results in withdrawal
seeking shelter from what it knows not
roiling back into the dullness
the madness of emotional capture

such are

tears knowing not their origin
despairing at such mystery
longing for escape
finding but dry moats of confinement
famine of deliverance
desiccated ducts of passion

Teardrops Longing