One hour to die

Written by: Julie Alcin

One hour to live, one hour to die
One hour glass there, counting my time
Breathing becomes harder as I’m stuck in this box
Four walls around me; there’s no hole in this wall
Air becomes less, just because of this dress
What am I wearing? Why am I dressed as a doll?
Looked in the mirror; I look like a toy
Face filled with make up; heart filled with fright
There he comes, the evil, brutal beast
Coming to make me suffer; coming to take my life
He stabbed a spindle in my stomach
He stabbed a spindle in my heart
He stabbed and stabbed like if he’s hungry
Quenching his thirst with murder and blood
One hour to live, that hour is gone
An hour glass was counting; it just ran out of sand
There’s no point in trying, there’s no way to survive
There’s no reason to be joyful; there’s no reason to rejoice
There’s only pain within my heart
But relief shall come at the touch of death

By Julie Alcin