Written by: Paul Beadnall

Four years coming up nigh on,we plodding on strong ploughing through each day together,not alot wrong we know eachother, inside out,also our little ways each and every moment, i want you in my day. We both lead along our differant paths,my soul mate until that day we met, was sheer utter fate. Our lives are just begining,along a happier note no flack no arguements, a plain old sailing boat. I believe fate brought us together,from whatever mess i know i`ll love you to the day i die, you create my happiness. Your caring and happy nature,attracts all positive the negative side you let it drain,forgetting like a sieve. Here`s to the rest of our lives,not forgetting those above so will end your little valentine script and wrap it up with love. LOVE,PEACE AND HAPPINESS XXX