These days and nights filled with the thoughts of you ,
  Seems to be all the time I have to do.
Never in my life has it felt this way so good so right ,
  Confirming how I love you all of my nights.
The emptiness and all that lonliness has gone away,
  How blessed I am each and every day.
This joy and happiness that I always  feel ,
  With my heart I know it is so real.
All those tears that I have shed so many times ,  
  Has washed my pain and has made me shine,
For it was only you to blame my sweet lovely girl,
  That made my life such a beautiful world.
Always and forever you should always know,
  This love I have for you can only grow.
Never worry or have any of those doubts about me ,
  For this love between you & I will always be.
t a carter