Written by: Osei Kofi Daniel

Sometimes I wish never be part of something
Cautious I must; with the kind of wishes I make.
I mostly have a little share in the family cake.
Quiet a pain, but it doesn’t find itself repeating.
Happy Today – Tomorrow Sad.

The exciting part is that, there is a hand when needed.
I find a shoulder to rest on when burden-loaded.
Like trees never do away with water.
So it is as to a son to the family, never falter.
“I love you Son” – cheered by Dad.

Mum, like the chameleon changes as to our state of facade.
The words of her punishment, feels like a stain in the eye.
She really is brave – fought well, now needs my aid.
The love- hate, joy-sorrows, the truth and lie -
These are the ties that forever bond family.

Brothers so true and passionate,
Eldest; David – gentle lad, gifted hands in architect.
Youngest; Evans – so much of personality mandate.
Dad - a quiet figure, always by our side; ever ready to protect.
Quiet blessed: True Definition of A family.