Sowing Sweet Smiles

Written by: Adeleke Adeite

Sweet smiles are intriquing 
and infectious,
strangers and folks catch it 
freely like a flu.
Some simple things makes 
our life worthwhile,
such as the sparkles and 
warmth of a smile.

When we sow sincere 
smiles, we harvest hope.
Smiles from a faithful friend 
is like Sunshine,
it brightens our day and 
help us to cope...
The second best thing that 
put lips on the line.

The aura of a smile makes 
our eyes twinkle
it steals into our heart, 
chasing fear away.
smiling gives us immunity 
against wrinkle
it is the wisest way to start 
and end a great day.

Smiles are mild yet so 
it multiplies itself without 
conscious effort,
smiles are more like 
respect, it is reciprocal,
it cruises from soul to soul, 
bringing comfort.

Smiles from a solemn hear 
are speechless streams
flowing from shore to 
shore with great allure,
as the Sunlight gives 
flowers boundless beams,
so does a smile gives men 
passions so pure.