So far away from all that I've known,
My surroundings are of a different tone.
    Adjusting to new places and things,
I'm seeing so many things I've never seen.
    How strange to me this new life I live,
By far the most difficult I ever did.
    Every day is a new one and I'm ready ,
To learn what I can and hold fast and steady.
   Things have changed for me you see,
Think it's time to be what I'm to be.
    All these years that gone by so fast,
I just may have found my place at last.
    Hopefully I've learned something about life,
It sure feels I have when I'm laying there at night.
    All my thoughts and visions of that gone by,
Often they will bring tears to my eys.
   Afraid as I was when I started off this day,
I can honestly say  that I no longer feel that way.
  I am ready for what the new will bring,
As if my life has started it's own Spring.
    Like a blossuming flower I will grow ,
It will all be for the best this I know.