Written by: Manoj Kumar

I close my eyes so I can see you smile
I need a feeling of bliss, even if it is for a while
I look at the sea and loneliness washes over me
My soul craves for you, come, be with me

Everything in my world reminds me of you
Of your eyes, your touch and your feelings true
Of the gentle words you say, more melodious than a song
Of how you support me, and coax me to be strong

My life has had more lows than highs
And when you found me I was a broken man, who’d always cry
Your love for me made me realize that I could be happy
That my days could be bright to eternity

My heart now overflows with love for you
I have learnt to be cheerful, even during a grey hue
All I want now is to always be with you
And for us to be happy together and never blue

Come to me my love, and brighten my day
Hold me in your arms, sing to me, and make me with abandon sway
Promise me you will be by my side come rain or shine
Come to me, be mine, always be mine