Happy Valentine Day

Written by: Ramakrishna Chowdary Jasti

Happy Valentine Day 

[The Fiesta of Love]

Oh, my dear beautiful lovers!
Gather all the variety of flowers 
To exchange with fabulous love 
In the day of lovely and divine hours; 

Let the aroma of your scented love
Spread into the distant skies above
That the stars over the silver clouds
Are impressed with our golden crowds;

Let the emotions of our loving hearts  
Electrify our much-loved lovely hearts 
That the angels might really astound
To our fervor for love, so profound; 

True love is the eternal beauty 
So let’s make our soul a divine fluty   
With love, all the hatred’s blown
And with love, sorrow will drown;
The man and woman, both are equal 
And if they continue to love in sequel   
It’s a wonderful fiesta of harmony
And yet a day to show our testimony;
So let’s live and love in our garden
Unleashing all our hearts’ burden!  
I wish you all a wonderful valentine 
Let’s all taste the love so pristine; 

By: R K Chowdary Jasti
@all copyrights reserved