The journeys end Adventure over your friend December 9th 11th 2007

Written by: William J. Jr. Atfield

A beautiful dream

You came into my life – such a beautiful dream.
The world lit up – became much brighter, it did seem.
Life came to this soul – my face, my smile did beam.
Mt heart came to life – my body did steam.


Love was the fire – you are the desire,
that raised from the ashes, this dying soul.
There was spring in the air – in my heart,
and for once – in far to long a time – I was willing
to – like a rose on a bright light day – open up
to the possibilities I could care and be cared for.


Clouds of doubt linger in the air throughout.
Time has passed leaving little doubt
that, with me – you will never be.

For me though, there will always be
the experiences that bought joy –
possibilities into my life, into my dreams.

For them my Dear, I will always be grateful.
You are the light that broke through
the black clouds that hovered above –
nourishing, from time to time a withering spirit.

You, my Dear, where drops of dew,
from which I might have quenched my thirst ?
You, my Dear, where the spirit that flew,
from which I might have learned to fly
so much higher – into brighter, bluer sky. 
My wings – my Dear, - have turned into dust .

B. J. “A” 2
December 11th 2007