Written by: WORD CRAFT

When I was weak,
And all seemed bleak,
You showed up,
And gave me a peep,
Into tomorrow,
From then,
Everything changed,
You took my heart,
And kept it,
Grew it,
Protected it,
Of you,
I have sweet memories,
Our running in the sand,
Towards the sun,
Our warm nights of July,
And now,
I'm positive,
With new life,
The next generation,
Of bright life,
A product,
Of our love,
I will never forget,
When we first met,
But for now,
Let me stop,
And say thank you,
That I met you,
When our eyes met,
And you gave me,
The wet,red lip,
The chilling,killing smooch,
The kiss of life.

Word Craft