Written by: Juanita Thorn

Grass that crackles underfoot
Arid rusty land that’s parched to the core
Lush green meadows, teaming with life
Bodies of liquid gold that feed nature

Earth hard as concrete, riddled with cracks
Wind gusts that bring to life dust devils
Fat droplets of rain, bucketing from the Heavens
Creeks, lakes, ravines – their cup runneth over

Cattle grazing on nothing, their skeletons protrude
An effort to breathe as their bodies surrender
Cattle at play, Mumma’s and babes
Food aplenty, provides energy and life

Craggly rocks, rigid and sharp
A treeless stairway to heaven
Rocks once sharp, now coated in green slimy moss
A cascade from Heaven brings rainbows galore

Tall buildings, bright lights and millions of people
A cacophony of voices, chaos and pollution
Wide open spaces, a clear view to the skies
Stars shine subtly, the silence is deafening.
©copyright Juanita Torr