Stream of Consciousness

Written by: Issac Guzman

Kick rocks with socks
Only to rip through your epidermal layers
Say your prayers before you're laid to rest
Like the nay-sayers disguised as
Mayors & representatives
Mainstream media sedatives turning your relatives
Into brain-dead gelatin
With an empty skeleton
At the gates of sleep,
Demanding to let us in
Our souls are reaped
As the strings are manipulated by
The elongated
Lives of the Elohim
Striking down like the beam
From a ray gun
Reflecting away from the sun
To delay the sun from the doomsday pun
Intended to run for office
With a strangled orifice
Greedy lungs don't breathe in bliss
Because their needy daughters & sons
Suck them dry of any wealth applied
To the one-percent that defied us all
& lied to protect their hide
In order to decide whether to preside
In luxurious homes or dwell in the catacombs
Of hell
Up to their necks in the wishing well only wishing 
they were well & rested
Yet, they remain hollow-chested
& detested as the rest of us protested
Like the oppressed did, as we're molested...