Friends Just Like You

Written by: Scott Howard Myers The Gypsy King

Just let me say, this one little thing. 
Before the door shuts, my words might sting. 
I feel that you are, completely unjust.
So my feelings won't be, too badly crushed. 

That other day was left, I know unsaid. 
But for now, I wish you were dead. 
I know that's a little, over the top harsh. 
But why don't you go, get lost in a marsh. 
With alligators, snapping close at your heels. 
Perhaps then you'd know, just how it feels. 

To put up with people, who pretend they know all. 
Makes talking to you, like speaking' to a wall. 
So just one more thing, as that door firmly shuts. 
I believe that your mind, is filled up with just nuts.

Do I make myself clear, I just want to be true. 
Don't need enemies, when, I've got friends, just like you.