Written by: Cyndi MacMillan

Guro, your innovation has potency, Oceans reform between coupled words, Here, life shares its language, its coherency, where quills lift the wings of Flaming Sunbirds. Lines travel with intent, a gentle verve, touching the past before tapping tomorrow, truth lays down straight lines, but images curve, a geography built by shades of sorrow. Each verse becomes a world unexplored, night softens its crush, day nurses old scars, for joy never stays; Gone, those we’ve adored, though not so far, Friend, not so very far. Poetry has left the page, no longer alone, breaching the soul, wizening even bone.
Inspired by Nette's LANGUAGE OF NERUDA'S HEART, It seemed to fit that the way she feels about Neruda's heart is the way I feel about hers. *Filopino translation of Guro, Mahal Kita is: Teacher, I love you The Flaming Sunbird is only found in the Phillipines... Nette, just drop a word to anyone, anyone at all to say you are well. I am so very worried. You are missed. Tremendously. xoxox