Written by: Caleah Buil

I feel
You'd "Never hurt me"
You swore
I didn't think
I'd feel this way
Even now
I think of words to say
To describe
This odd pain
I'd liked you
That much is true
But it stopped there
So its not fair
For me to feel like this
So mixed

You moved on faster than I thought
It hurts to know how soon you gave up
I pretend
And say, "Let's be friends."
But was it all a lie?
The feelings you conjured up inside
For me?
The distant way you brush me aside
As cool as ice
I meant nothing to you
Did I?
It's just the same
I'm like a pawn in a chess game
You'd never hurt me
You're too blind to see
That you did
"I'd never hurt you."
It's a line that's been reused
And I was a fool
For falling for that one too
Don't say it,
"I'd never hurt you."
It's cruel
Because in the end
You always do