Who Decides

Written by: Tamara Dunston

As I try to follow the protocol of love,
 I am stuck
the time in which others say you should expose your feelings 
I give up

It's too soon they say
 to express such love this way
you don't want to scare him away.

  So I bottle them up, as they scream for release,
 seemingly punishing myself 
of it's wonderful peace.

  That peace...Ohh that peace 
of a warm angelic man, to hold me when I need comfort
to caress me down to my soul.
 To fulfill this empty void in my life
to make me fill whole.

  Even though the time may be short in our knowledge of one another,
 and our desires so bleak,
 I do hope that someday soon we would become right for each other,
 as this would put an end to my seek.

  In the time of just a few short months,
 chopped into a few short weeks,
 and divided into a few short days.

   A feeling of relief has entered my life...
my heart is filled with a dreamy haze.

  I sigh at the thought of you, 
 I smile at it's memories
how did I know so soon 
that you would be right for me.

  Now don't misunderstand I wish to be good for you too,
 to fulfill every desire of joy, love, and a commitment so true.

  The thoughts of colorful glowing explosions of love
 finally flowing my way
sends me on a natural high of ecstasy
 every single day.

  Yes in my heart you have entered 
so full, so fresh, so new
in my heart I surrender
 to every want of loving you

  I am not ashamed to admit my love at first sight 
I am more in love with the feeling  that you are so right.

  Pleasures of pure delight
 smiles of satisfaction
growing inside of me
 at the thought of your reaction

 Could you be all I hope for?
Would you be all I want in a man, and more?

  So "yes" please take this as a proposition
 for long, for keeps, for love
take this as me wanting the position 
of being the woman your heart is in search of.

  Who "really" decides
 when your expressions of love can be let out in peace????