Dissident Time

Written by: Lauryn Jean

The Maiden is defiled and corrupt
The Mother's womb has been rent apart
          ...spilling the lifeblood of an offspring's twisted being
The Crone's wrinkled brow complements the hazy indifference

And I sit and linger under the warm spray
Of my victim's blood and sweat

I am death come to reap the living weakness of humanity
Forever lost in the wicked labyrinth of Time
Frozen like a doe caught in the open
Tipp me off and I know you're coming

Just let me be, let me feed
       On the sickness of their minds

I am whole again
I will rip open
The old scars of Liberty's demise
And make them bleed again

I am not lost here
My hands are steady
I am ready
To swallow the illusion
you put in front of me
And sh*t hypocrisy
And your insanity
       eating a hole in my heart like acid rain
Washed away
we called our own
Our home

Cradle the babe and watch it grow
       ...warped and bleached and fuming
Spitting hatred and anger and ego-centrism

Fight another day
Die another day
In dissident time
In dissident time