Written by: Lauryn Jean

Radioactive probability
Physical law
Chemical bond
     Compassion blames attraction
     Hide your heart
Pleasurable pain
     Scratches bleed against the texture of your skin
     I love it here
     The feel of something real
     Of sweat and contracted muscles
Trembling to touch
Electrical currents
steady my breath
     as I beat your ego
     Make it high
Committing battery
Against the radiation of your masculinity
     So irresistible
My teeth beg for release
     Against your chest
I can count
The times on one hand
I have tasted this
...Breathed this
...Needed this
Close the gate on perfection
     Be human
     Be male
     Be released

And lose control

As I take it

I will be the power
     The fire
     Burning in your...
Don't think this through
Circuit is completed
The fuse is short
I will assault
     ...again and again and again...
Until this is sated
     And I will breathe life
back into you
......And take you again