Doctor's Waiting Room

Written by: Robert L. Hinshaw

I arrived early for the appointment I had made many months ago,
And began the interminable wait to consult with the medico!
When I checked in, it was already half-past noon.
Nursey said, "Take a seat and we'll be with you soon!"

The room was filled with people in every kind of condition!
I mused, "Lord, have mercy! Deliver me from this perdition!
While waiting I'll surely contract a dreadful disease, I fear
And be so much worse off than when I arrived in here!"

I thumbed through dog-eared magazines dating from 1953,
And stared with glazed eyes at unctuous soap operas on TV.
Swallowed stale coffee by the liter from a Styrofoam cup,
Waiting impatiently for my name to be called up!

I tried to snooze but that soon became a sad delusion,,
With bawling kids and inane babble - just too much confusion!
The little old lady next to me told of her every pain and ache,
As I lent a compassionate ear, striving to stay awake!

I was tempted to order a scrumptious Papa John's pizza pie,
Since my stomach was growling and supper time was drawing nigh!
At last Hildebrun, the nurse, in all her puffery before me did loom,
And finally ushered me into the harried doctor's examining room!

Robert L. Hinshaw CMSgt, USAF, Retired
(c) All Rights Reserved