A lovers fight

Written by: Ace X

I'm not desperate girl
I'm into affection girl, feeling 
your bodies purity, while I'm 
aroused like your white pearls
I'm into making love to your 
I'm into staying calm so its not 
even being naughty
I'm into you feeling like a 
I'm into making u feel refresh 
like a citrus limon
I'm into pleasing you 
I'm into these simple things 
you do 
after I'm done you'll clearly see 
the boy 
After I'm done you'll feel the 
man deploy
After I'm done you'll feel that 
butter love
You'll feel my ambition with the 
world, my tears and things i 
was burden of
You'll want to make me your 
favorite new thing
Your  breathe of fresh air as i 
blow on your nose ring
whether black
Whether white
whether latin
whether persian
or asian
whether thin
whether thick
whether rain, snow or sun
you deserve it all for the times 
you weren't appreciated Hun 
With this on my mind how can i 
fail at being a man going in as 
a boy with the soul of a male.