Blinding Spark

Written by: Owen Yeates

I see the sun going down behind the trees
I feel it in the air that cold frosty breeze
Will there be a blinding spark
Our will love die in the dark

The red sky of setting sun
Says the day is nearly done
We slide to sit on different seats
Two lovers drifting incomplete

Then the dark has come to be
Will it be the end for you and me?
Will there be a blinding spark
Or will our love die in the dark

Three in the morning, we’re not in bed
Our conversations where have they led
Alas there was no blinding spark
Our love just died there in the dark

In the daylight will we find
A way to break and yet be kind
You pack and you leave today
You have no parting word to say

You disappear across the park
In the distance trills a lark
His trill I hope, will bring a blinding spark
To help us both find,  new love before dark