Over me

Written by: Anais Pouladi

I heard you moved out
from under your parents wings
I hear you've matured alot
and that you're over the old flings

I feel so used by him and 
like i can never break free
But as rumor has it 
he's gotten over me

I cant seem to knock your
face out of my mind
I keep bumping into 
hopeless cases and becomming 
more blind

I hate the way he ignores 
even more when he avoids me
Still i know that he's
gotten over me

I hear you've been spending time
with all your old friends
I hear you've roamed the city
and tried all the newest trends

Im still lonely but free
and as rumor has it 
you've gotten over me

I know i should go and find
someone new 
But how could i replace an
incredible person like you

Its been three years of 
isolated misery
And now everybody knows
that you've gotten over me