Written by: Yanny Widjanarko

Isolated by the shield of insecurity
The walls of paradigm unable to break through
Crouched into a small piece
The connecting door locked the border of my sanity

Long gone for the world of sundries
Terminated in limitation of self esteemĀ 
Yearn for the reasonable life to live
Seems like my world is too unkind

Reaching for the air that I thought was empty
Touched by the warm body which seems so alive
I tried to compile my sight
As if it was frosted too long

I find my self in a same room but different color
Someone paint it over upon the abstraction of lame
Rise from the tiring crouch
The hopes sustain me more

Someone paved the veil of angst
Someone who sent by the big owner of love
The one who less than perfect but not least for my room
The chamber of life, the chamber of hopes, the chamber.... is you