Dream stealer

Written by: Donald Holmes

Dream stealer

Dazzled by the lightning,
thrilled by dreams of thunder.
Filled with magical, mystical, tingling sensations,
that fill my hour glass with dreams of such beautiful wonders.

Then the pains of life,
became partners in crime with time.
Creating the DreamStealer,
Stealing the dreams of my prime.

Time does not ease an hour glass,
filled with dreams of pain.
Tip your hour glass to the DreamStealer,
as time steals another dream once again.

The sands of time,
are melted into tears.
As the dreams you dream,
fade away with the years.

Finally the tears you cry,
crystallize in your eyes.
For you cannot fill an hour glass,
with dreams that are never realized.

Life's dreams shattered by the DreamStealer,
will never be a dream again.
Time steals another dream,
tipping the hour glass once again.

By Donald L Holmes