The Vicar Vamooses

Written by: Elton Camp

The Vicar Vamooses 

By Elton Camp

The pope’s resignation stuns the world

The year 1415 was the last time it took place
The resignation of a pope the hierarchy to face

Others have held tight to their perceived mission
Regardless of their physical or mental condition

An unusual situation the Vatican will then face
An independent state without any ruler in place

Nobody’s sure how this development to apprise
Even to the cardinals it came as a total surprise

The vicar says that his limits have been exceeded
That he’s too old and weak to do what is needed

For the hierarchy, these have been difficult days
A Vatican paper release has revealed its ways

The child sex abuse scandal continue to expand
One younger and more vigorous it may demand

So a conclave of cardinals will soon begin debate
As to just who it is that they will select to elevate