Lips Lips of the wise spread knowledge; not so the lips of fools. Folly delights where there's no judgment; boundaries are God's tools. He who ignores discipline has no wisdom of heart; heeds not correction; no further wisdom to impart. The lips that bring healing are a Tree of Life. But lips that bring sorrow add to man's daily strife. Words are very powerful; used for evil or for good. The true power of words may never be fully understood. Words can touch the heart that once was very cold; make surface a tear or two that brings healing of gold. Lips can reveal the thoughts that lie within entombed. Some lips bring much happiness, but others the heart consumed. Do your lips speak wisdom, or do they spout useless chatter? At the end of the day to God it really does matter. We're given hearts of love to spread that love around. May your lips spread kindness; no unhappiness to be found. Copyright © 2012 Maureen LeFanue