push and pull game

Written by: paige simone

Push me farther even when i'm clinging.. and I shall not turn from you
push me deeper even when im climbing.. and I shall not turn from you
push my faster even when im creeping.. and I shall not turn from you

This push and pull thing we engage in, is this what we call love?
is our purest form of affection controlled by our secret feelings of hatred? 
this love word we hold onto, is it being mistaken for only wanting each others attention to be held by ourselves rather than see us thrown into the arms of another? 
would that be so bad to be lost in an embrace with someone who doesn't know the rules to our sacred push and pull game?? 
to start over, would that be so wrong? 
the feeling that grows within my stomach irks at the idea of another hands on your flesh, yet the feeling of freedom with the mention of your embrace lifted from my heart, bears deep into my subconscious and i am overwhelmed with fear. 
Is this fear based on this thing we call love, or is it because I know no other limits but the limits  to our secret push and pulling?
Am i consumed by our regularity or should i say irregularity?
Am i addicted and for that matter are you addicted to the pain we inflict and the pain we harbor?
I am lost in this twisted idea of love and i shun the idea of ever losing it aswell.