A Night I Regret

Written by: Grushen Guazon

A night I will never forget
And I will forever regret.
One cold and lonely night
That was never made right.

Sitting under a giant tree
Talking, just you and me.
You were acting so strange,
I knew something's change.

This is no longer working;
Is it true what I'm hearing?
What was I supposed to say
So that I can make you stay.

I am not easy I must admit;
I've always tested your limit.
Made things complicated,
Leaving you so exhausted.

Things hadn't been perfect,
But this, I never did expect.
Stared at you without a word,
As my vision became blurred.

You stood up after a while
And I forced myself to smile.
Tried so hard to hide my pain;
Tears I made myself contain.

Then you turned your back
And I wanted to call you back;
But my pride wouldn't let me
Within me I just kept my plea.

That very night I let you go
Eventhough I still love you so.
A night I will forever regret
And will never ever forget.

*For the 'REGRETS' contest.
*Written February 11, 2013