In a hotel room

Written by: S.Jagathsimhan Nair

In a hotel room

Still in his teens and anxious, 
He finds a friend, older, though
To guide him one day into
The world of adults.

At dusk they are in a room
In the town’s snazzy hotel.
He  sweats a lot, but his love,
Cool and snappy, sat.

She does not flinch at his touch
But bites at his lips when kissed
He floats in a new pleasure
Increasing  ever.

The more he took her, the more
He wanted , and  in a while
All spent and done with, he hit
The  bed and dozed off.

His mate was but a bottle
Of scotch and not a woman
He woke up smiling at his
Blind date with liquor.

@10th Feb 2013.

Form: Dodoitsu (7-7-7-5)

For Susan’s “in a hotel room”