Haiku: Collection 1

Written by: Rhema Jones

One man’s dream for all:
No more world in black or white—
 	Look at the rainbow now

Dancing in a field
Butterflies flutter-- BEEP! BEEP! CLICK!  
Wait—what just happened?

Children shriek in bed  
Wings of darkness haunt the night
The Oneiroi have come…

The sine of pi is…
That window looks really nice!
Oh—sorry! The sine of… 

Sweet are the travels 
At night in peaceful slumber
Where will I go next?

Stay dear restful dreams
Soft upon my weary brow
Butterfly kisses 

Morpheus come forth
Fill me with the dreams of old
Shape my mind like clay

Once I had a dream:
No more homework, no more school
What a silly dream! 

I can go anywhere
Don’t need a car, plane, or bus
I just need my bed 

Sweet like caramel
Are the dreams I have at night
I hope I don’t get cavities