Awake, Morpheus

Written by: Rhema Jones

Arise son! The night is nearly here!  
Others may work in the light of the sun but you in that of the moon
Get up boy! Listen to your mother! 
Your father will return soon;
He has placed the earth in a deep slumber
It is now ready for you
Why do you still stand there?
Hast thou looketh into the eyes of Medusa?
Those messages won’t deliver themselves...
Get up, Morpheus! GET UP!!
Zeus has entrusted you with this great duty; 
Don't brush him off like one shoos off a fly!
Your task is perhaps the most important of the gods!
How can the humans believe in our message if they don’t know the message? 
You will send messages in the form of dreams
Men will worship you! Oh how they’ll worship you!
Morpheus, "The god of dreams!"
That is what they will call you! 
My son: Morpheus THE GOD OF DREAMS! 
What a proud mother I'll be!