The Dive

Written by: Rhema Jones

Dancing through the fields of green
Soft breezes brush my skin
When I look through my eyes at the beautiful skies,
I wish this would last forever!
As I was laying in the fields of green
Butterflies kissed my nose
I giggled with joy when…when
I know I can remember! 
Think! Think! Think! Ahhhh! 
I can’t recall the rest!
I try to grasp the memories,
But they slip between my fingers like vapors
They slip like water from a drain
Why can’t I remember?
My dreams are as fleeting as the evening tide
Where have my dreams gone? I must know!
Somewhere…out there…in the ocean
I want them back! I must pursue them!
YES! I will pursue my dreams!
Diving into the ocean blue 
The waves beckon me on
The bubbling foam takes me farther from home 
As I wonder what dreams lay ahead…