Written by: jeffry cohan

             ANGEL IN THE RAIN

Last eve heard my prayer that I would awake to a rainbow
And only the mistiness would know how it would go                         
   Oh and I awoke to see the colors that so blessed my eyes
While at the edge of that rainbow the rarity of an angel cries

I hear her loudly weeping from far above
Bemoaning the besmirching of yesterday’s love
Perhaps rainbows only appear to soothe an angel’s heart
Until a multi-tinted pallet and the sky are made to part

There then is left but a memory born by the blue
And only a hint of what the heavens can do
Rainbows can appear and disappear at will
Yet weeps that woe filled angel still

The sky turned blue a bit later on
Once that reverent and radiant rainbow was gone
Mine is cold comfort when a coal colored sky finally clears
Until another angel dries that weeping angel’s tears
© 2013  copyright PHREEPOETREE…..~free cee!~