My Night

Written by: Yanny Widjanarko

I saw the phosphorescence of those yellow lights
Take a journey in a world of pale
Crawling through the shadow of night
Struggled within the dew

The  essence create its own sketch
When the breezes of night try to ensnare
Night as the shadow of moon
Depict mysteries in a life's long labyrinth

Tonight I trapped within the dark
And the only breath of sanity that could bring the clue 
The clue upon the lost
The clue to find the true

Flee from all of the adversity 
Hide from the falsity 
And take a side to the maze of life's clarity

On the night that always whispers
On the night that never bothered
To the nights which always washed their existence under the moon
To the nights were washed elegance in overlay

Welcome to my night