ways to leave

Written by: andrew delapruch

when the pressure at work gets to be too much,
s/he works on ways to leave---
this is not to say that s/he plans on 
but rather, that there is a way to depart from the
while staying right there,
in her/his chair,
looking like a good lil’ worker on the 

where s/he goes when the stress rains down
is sometimes a paradise,
one whose beauty is something that s/he has
never actually witnessed, 
but one which s/he dreams of,
one that fuels her/his every step on the way to
often s/he revisits the best times of her/his life
that have passed,
with elegant memories breathing fresh air on
the mundane routine of the
work place &
when keeping oneself in the present
whilst away on leave in her/his head,
s/he is a winner every time &
the man
get inside.