Before It Fades

Written by: Gail Angel Doyle

Before It Fades Sun begins to set through a soft sky Soon it will transform colors of fire Oranges and yellows will both ignite Burning a memory into my mind’s uncontrollable desire I capture its gradual movements while it goes down Watching how a canvas can be so magically made Mother Nature once again handed the sky her sacred crown Filled with diamonds of sparkle for me to embrace before it fades A rainbow blesses the sky after a dangerous storm Soon it will transform into beauty we’ve never seen Through its colors consists of angels that formed A heaven’s glimpse for me to see Illuminating a mysterious sky like the stars that I can never reach Lighting up a piece of heaven for me on this day Showing colors of an imprint of its legacy In my heart and mind before it fades Each moment that passes our lives Creates a memory we magically lived through Precious is time that we survived In a world created to give the light of life through heaven’s hues I embrace each moment sent over to me Every memory that Jesus gave For today has been lived within a dream One I will cherish before it fades