A Fatal Mistake

Written by: ilene bauer

A father went to clean his car,
All covered up in snow.
For company, he had his son,
Eleven years, in tow.

The temperature was freezing
So the dad thought he should sit
Inside the toasty car
To warm himself a little bit.

The engine hummed, the father dug,
But little did they know
The tailpipe couldn’t do its job,
For it was filled with snow.

The fumes were seeping in the car;
The boy was warm inside.
His father opened up the door
To find his son had died.

Such heartbreak and the worst of it,
As all the signs suggest,
Is that the dad, to help his son,
Did what he thought was best.

It’s very sad but there are times,
Despite our best intentions,
When life is cruel and mocking
And allows no interventions.

I think about that father’s grief
And can’t know how he feels.
I only hope that time and love
Will help him as he heals.