Unconditional Love

Written by: Tom Wright

Love isn't just a single word or feeling
Said to tickle an ear and leave you reeling

Nor is love abstract and void of care
But what one envisions and does all year

We convey our love by things that we do
When a loved one is hurting we hurt too

Love is conveyed by deeds not merely said
And connects us all with a common thread

Love is a word some find difficult to say
But it leaves an enormous price to pay

Love means when one hurts us, we forgive
Not five years later to bring up and relive

Love sometimes forces on us a long wait
But love never delegates us power to dictate

We don't have to agree with each other to love
For God gave me what I was unworthy of

What's held in your heart your mouth will speak
So before speaking do a mental critique

love is never idle or to be cast in mothballs
In short, I see love as a servant in coveralls

From Brother Jay's morning sermon
Happy Valentines day