fifty thousand steps to seven cents

Written by: Feather Buda

50,000 steps to 7 cents

My heart over flows with love
As I walk down these streets of mud
Challenge, I face more with each step
A penny I came across in my pocket it went

My heart overflowing with love to be shared
The only thing that keeps me warm on these cold hard streets
My tears turn to ice, as I weep
Looking at the ground 
Another penny I did see

The rest of my walk is an up hill climb
My legs tire and feet slow down
Holes in the souls
Of my seven year old shoes
My feet frozen like two ice cubes

The wind begs to be brisk
Vision my thoughts of you to keep me warm
Vision my thoughts of you, my reason to go on
My thoughts warm my heart
The vision of your smile warms my soul
Not much longer - now I know

The top of the hill, I now see
A shiny new nickel lye’s in front of me
Once I top this up hill climb, seven cents in my pocket
Is what I’d find
As I raise my head up, not looking behind
I look in front to my future, my reason why
I see you standing not so far from my heart
Embrace our love as you whisper seven cents is a start.