Poorman's Poem

Written by: Grushen Guazon

I came to be in a land 
Where money is a demand.
To the poor it is hard to come by;
Yet the rich has an endless supply.

The government says not to worry,
But the future looked blurry.
Our hopes are now lost
Coz our future has a cost.

What do a poor like me do?
I wish what they say is true;
That they are doing what they should
And hope that they would do good.

Everyday is but a struggle,
Most of us live in the jungle,
Where money and guns make man a god.
They make those beneath do nothing but nod.

Because we are nothing but poor
We have no right to a life of grandeur.
A life which the rich has enjoyed
And left some politicians' honor destroyed.

The gods that they all bow upon
In the gates of heaven will all be gone.
In there, true justice will be served
And their punishment will be well deserved.