Wandering Thought

Written by: Odin Roark

Wandering Thought

To pull the curtains
To shut off the lights
To sit in silence

How free goes one's pondering
When the day's synaptic noise settles
When fewer distractions make possible
Thought's meandering among unimposing congestion
Invites our new century's yin
As it seeks its compatible yang

We sense prerogative
Where just hours before
It's confinement
Bore suffering within
Shackles cinched tight
Dominance wishing us to believe

But to believe
Advises our nomadic thought
Is to conclude
Others' thinking brings forth knowing

We sit ever so quietly
The darkness resonating with hidden light
The light appearing soundless
Its palette of infinite color
Poised to bequeath the quintessential bliss

All that is
All as one
All the wandering thought
Undisturbed with unknowing
Embracing questions forever

Dawn comes
The curtains are opened
Once again
Gathering begins